Globalism is more than morality, it is the recognition that we do live in a highly connected world. I like your observation that globalism includes a morality competing successfully with religion. I disagree on the motivation for this change,-which looks to me like the natural evolution of religion in a scientific era away from miraculous origin stories, focusing instead on the morality that makes us and our community stronger.

I don’t find it surprising that secular morality, like religions before it, is enlisted for commercial manipulations. Your thought that gender fluidity is contrived for commercial purposes is mistaking the cart for the horse. Gender issues are real, and marketers are capitalizing on them.

We are in a cultural shakeout trying to sort out gender. Certainly the commercial hype and all too frequent governmental overreach is not helping. Your argument is confused and thereby weakened by asserting there is no physiological basis for gender dysphoria. There are many papers arguing about this, but it is obvious to those of us who experience it that gender dypshoria is not a simple system. It has not been studied enough, given how many people report problems in psychosocial development related to gender.

Parents have had the dominant role vs government with regard to gender training for decades and gender dysphoria issues do not go away, despite unfettered parental efforts. The solution is a more inclusive culture, and governments and parents can cooperate in that.

Your main point seems to be that parent’s rights to socialize their kids should be inviolable if it is not clear that they actually are injuring their children. That point is probably agreeable to most of the world!

We can all help each other a lot by freely expressing our gender

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