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In support of your great work to illuminate the hypocrisy inherent in all adverse discriminatory practices against groups, I suggest that this is not the last bastion of bigotry. It is alive and well and operates as a hydra, the serpents perpetually regrowing and coming into focus. It is built in to group psychology, and succeeds via the fundamentals of how power both enables and corrupts.

How I have been managing a lifelong crisis

I hope my story will help you understand the journey so many crossdressers are on.

This is generalized from my own experience [I’m 70 now], supplemented by that I have heard from fellow crossdressers over decades.

if it is of any use for others who are struggling in the same…

I have struggled all my life to cope with my sense of misfit gender.

In society, nearly every detail in our choice of feeling, dress, and behavior is classified as for ‘men’ or ‘women’, and this is the basis for ordering social rights and privileges and obligations. …

Yes, I am proposing that the discomfort of gender dysphoria is so common that we can rightfully consider it normal. And the social efforts made to suppress dysphoria are also ‘normal’. It is not talked about as a serious problem for most people- just part of the game of life…

I’ve been thinking how language either clarifies or confuses — with so many words like ‘man’ or ‘woman’, and ‘transgender’ turning out to have layers and layers of definition that changes by context and semantic purpose, and how many arguments are made with people speaking past each other because they…

Whatever it means to us today may very well evolve.

My story: I went from

  • simple childhood reaching for a my sister’s clothes [and getting my hand slapped — hard in the form of violent shaming] …to
  • fetishistic secret sexual intrigue with a cherished piece of lingerie,… to
  • wondering if…

If crossdressing isn’t shameful- why am I in the closet?

I have cross-dressed, or more accurately, wanted to crossdress, for 60+ years. At age 5 I was put on notice by my angry [frightened] father into treating my desire as a terrible secret. But I felt innocent inside. I was certain I was innocent. I retreated into the closet.


“Gender”-the meaning is assumed to be understood- but it isn’t. Dictionary definitions circle around versions of “male or female”, but this is terribly inadequate, and confounds the practical resolutions of gender misunderstanding.

Perhaps we can more accurately define ‘Gender’ as:

“ a component of personal, interpersonal and social identity, referencing…

I used to say I was a man who identified with women. Now I say I am a mirl, a male girl. Both versions are true.

I have been struggling since early childhood, in an ineffectual way, to find peace with my identity. Identity is a many-splendored thing, and each…

-doesn’t the ^ work really well as the trans umbrella?

Seriously- we are all struggling, and trying not to be struggling, with our self image- our sense of place, the quality of our relationships. …


We can all help each other a lot by freely expressing our gender

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